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Are Women Hypocritical About Cheating?

By January 7, 2015 12 Comments

Tiwa rushed into my room looking like she was on the verge of tears, or being chased by a horde of hyenas, or both. I didn’t look up from the handout I was trying to cram. She flung her arms out theatrically as she collapsed on my bed.

“Tayo, My heart has been broken into pieces” She declared

“Really” even the deaf could hear the sarcasm in my voice “Who is it this time?”

She sat up on the bed and poked my arm with her index finger far too involved in her personal drama to acknowledge or be thrown off by my disbelief.

“It’s yeye Tony oh. Can u believe he cheated on me? With that girl of all people! You know, that slim girl with a tiny voice from Linguistics department. She taunted me with it and he couldn’t even deny it.”

She slumped back on the bed again and declared “My heart is shattered”

I turned and faced her. She didn’t look heartbroken; she looked pretty near perfect as always. Tiwa is a raving beauty. Her beauty is the type that even women acknowledge. She never lacked for suitors and her heart got “broken to pieces” about once in three months on average.

I shook away my musings and focused on her well made up face

“Wait who is Tony again? I thought you were dating a Bankole?”

She snorted elegantly and rolled her eyes “C’mon Tayo, try to keep up. Tony is my real boyfriend. Bankole just keeps my mind off things”

I laughed at her facial expressions “I don’t understand Tiwa, which one is real and which one is fake? A boyfriend is a boyfriend now”

“Nope, Tony who broke my heart by cheating on me is my official boyfriend. Bankole isn’t official. He’s trying to win me over. I love the way he’s dedicated himself to me so while we aren’t playing hooky yet, we are still into each other” she explained

“Ahhh” I sighed in dawning comprehension “let me see if I understand this properly. The guy you were cheating on cheated on you and you’re annoyed he dared copy your actions. Am I correct?”

She frowned at me and blinked several times “I didn’t cheat on Tony, I told you Bankole and I aren’t playing hooky. We just do stuff together and that’s not cheating”

“Okay, let’s analyse the situation together” I held up my palm and ticked off each point on my digits

“Does he spend long minutes on the phone with you?”

“Yes” she settled on the bed properly

“Does he buy you gifts?”

“Of Course” the look on her face told me that was a dumb question

“Does he take you on dates, do special favours for you?”

“Certainly” she was beginning to see where I was going with the questions. I continued

“Are you aware that he is interested in you?”

“Yes, I am”

“Have u clearly told him that you’re in an exclusive and serious relationship that you’re committed to?”

“Well, not really” Her answers are a little slower

“Are you deliberately leading him on?”

“Tayo, I’m tired of all these questions jare

“My darling friend let me be the first person to inform you that you’re cheating. Cheating isn’t just the physical sex. That part is easy. The emotional cheating is worse and that’s what you’ve been doing. How then can you judge Tony harshly?”


Let’s just say her response to me wasn’t pleasant. Food for thought – have we be judging women by a different standard than we do men? If my man was having long talks on the phone with some lady I’d go Charlie’s Angel mode immediately. But for ladies we’re more likely to laugh and enjoy the attention.

Could it be because we’re surer of ourselves and our resolve to stay faithful to our partners? Or could it be that women have been keeping side nig***s long before the term “side chick” was coined?

Have you ever had more than one man on your dating schedule at the same time? Did you feel like you were cheating on any one of them? Let’s see your comments!

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