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Why Your Boyfriend Refuses to Propose

By September 11, 2016 No Comments

Picture this scenario – you’re in love with this guy and he’s crazy about you. You guys connect on so many different levels and your relationship of several years is the envy of your friends. He supports you emotionally, financially and he gives you attention and priority. Your chemistry is off the charts and you guys are great friends. For all intents and purposes, you’re in a great relationship except for one tiny thing … your man refuses to propose!

A lot of ladies have come to this crossroad before and they ask the same question. What’s stopping my man from popping the question?

Before you sit down biting your nails and sending cryptic yet suggestive hints to remind him of your age and readiness for marriage, let’s talk about some reasons why a man may drag his feet about taking the big step with his woman.

  1. He’s not as into you as you thought – This is brutal I know but dear ladies, we have to be honest with ourselves. Dating and marriage are two different things and maybe he’s spotted some habits or flaws in your character he can’t live with for the rest of his life – you may thank him for this later on though, just read this article.
  2. He has commitment issues – Some men are big babies who value the independence bachelorhood gives to them. The freedom to come and go as they please, to date and breakup, to stay out late …etc… is of great importance to these men and no matter how great a girl is, they will struggle with giving that life up
  3. He’s not over another girl – He could be marking time while waiting for the girl of his dreams to leave a relationship and become free to date. You could be a great companion, but his love will always hold top priority
  4. He’s waiting for his great romance – Yes some men are that romantic! They’ll have a good girl but they keep looking out for the next best thing out there. They are convinced someone better will come along and all they have to do is hold on. They eventually settle down in their late thirties and early forties… after realizing that there’s no perfect woman out there
  5. He’s set in his ways – If you’re dating an older man, you’re more likely to experience this barrier. He’s used to dating women and getting all the perks of marriage without actually going through the marriage rites so he won’t propose anytime soon.
  6. He just needs a little nudge – There are some guys who need that extra nudge before they pop the question. Not because they’re reluctant but because that’s just their nature… why fix it if it ain’t broken?

Now what can ladies who find themselves in this situation do? How do you know the reason behind him not proposing? How do you move your relationship to the next level? Simple …TALK

Not all of us will get that romantic surprise proposal at the top of the Eiffel tower; some of us will need to have a talk about commitment with our partners.

Stop avoiding the issue, stop hoping he’ll surprise you one day with a ring. If you think you’ve dated long enough for marriage to be on the table please sit him down and talk about your expectations for the future in a civil, polite and loving manner. Who knows, he may just be number 6 after all!

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