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Fashion and Style

Reviews – Debras Grace

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Finding affordable places to buy women’s clothing in Lagos has been my mission since shopping on Asos, Dorothy Perkins, Next, TopShop and all my favorite affordable UK and American shops became limited due to the current exchange rate. Imagine my delight when I discovered Debras Grace!

Debras Grace is a shop selling women clothing and accessories in Yaba, Lagos State. Let me tell you why I like them Read More

Selecting the Right Foundation for Your Skin

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Have you ever found your top stained due to dripping foundation on a really hot day? Have you looked at your old pictures and discovered your face was a completely different colour from your neck? Does your ‘bae’ avoid hugging you whenever he’s wearing light coloured clothes? If you answered yes to any of the questions above then you need this beauty tip! Read More

Fashion Find – Teal Fabrics and Stitches

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Nigerian tailors can give you instant High Blood Pressure. I once had a tailor who made me cry because she gave me the disappointment of the century. Since then, I vowed to deal with tailors only when absolutely necessary.  That was when i discovered the joys of Ready-to-Wear (RTWs).

Since I can’t always afford the high end Nigerian designers, I have made it my mission to find affordable places to buy RTW and that’s how I discovered Teal Fabrics and Stitches. Read More

Twelve Items That Should Always be in your Hand Bag

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A guy once told me that a woman’s hand bag is one of the most diverse places on earth. Some items one finds in purses are as puzzling as anything can be. Weird items like hammers, gloves, snacks, novels, single earrings, mugs and belts all live together in the same bag! Well here are some items that should ALWAYS be in your bag… just so you aren’t caught unawares. This will help you also rid your bag of all the unnecessary clutter.

Read More