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Does Childbirth Stop Painful Periods?

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When I was younger I used to have really painful periods. I remember rolling on the floor and crying uncontrollably when that time of the month came by. I actually missed a certificate exam and lots of school exams because I had to be admitted whenever the pains got severe.

My mum and aunts would tell me that it would all end when I had my first child.

Now that I have, I took time to monitor my body and its reaction to my periods and here’s what I found. Read More

Pregnancy Woes

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Dear readers, the next time you see a pregnant woman please take some time to greet her well and be kind! It’s not at all easy. So many changes and quirks come with the joy of pregnancy. Some of these changes can be somewhat confusing and disheartening – especially for first time mom’s.  let me share some of the ones that got me ticked off during mine Read More

Children’s Cartoon/Animation Could be More Dangerous Than You Think

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The cartoons your kids are watching could be as violent as the adult action movies adults are watching. In almost every animation/cartoon, scenes of death and violence are customary exposing our children to unsavory scenes as part of the fun. According to Dr James Kirkbridge a professor of psychiatry at the University College London and Dr. Ian Colman a professor of psychology at the University of Ottawa, “Children’s animated films are, in fact, hotbeds or murder and mayhem.”

Read More

Newlyweds and Pregnancy

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In the first months of marriage, the last thing on a lot of couple’s minds is actively planning to get pregnant. With the pleasure of new marriage, doing things together and generally enjoying their new status, a lot of people just assume that pregnancy will just ‘happen’ somewhere along the line. Some people get lucky but others loose valuable time before actively planning for a baby. Read More