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Fashion Find – Teal Fabrics and Stitches

By September 7, 2016 No Comments

Nigerian tailors can give you instant High Blood Pressure. I once had a tailor who made me cry because she gave me the disappointment of the century. Since then, I vowed to deal with tailors only when absolutely necessary.  That was when i discovered the joys of Ready-to-Wear (RTWs).

Since I can’t always afford the high end Nigerian designers, I have made it my mission to find affordable places to buy RTW and that’s how I discovered Teal Fabrics and Stitches.

Initially known as Teal Fabrics with a focus fabric sales only, the brain behind the business Piriye Douglas recently expanded to include RTW’s in her portfolio and i’m loving her simple and practical designs.

Oke Egbi in Teal Fabrics

Every inch of this dress is exquisitely beaded. I glitter in style when I wear it – pictures do no justice!


Most of them are suitable for dress-down Friday at the office or simple weekend attires. For me, it’s the best of both worlds – no fights with tailors and amazing RTW’s to make me feel and look good!

See some of her designs below.

Teal Fabrics 1

teal Fabrics 2

Teal Fabrics 4

Teal Fabrics

Teal Fabrics 3

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