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How to Get Over Heartbreak

By September 12, 2016 No Comments

If you’ve ever experienced heartbreak then you’ll know how much impact your emotions can have on every aspect of your life. Heartbreak can significantly affect your productivity, your happiness and even your sanity, whether it arises from a romance gone sour or an unexpectedly deep disappointment from a family member.

The feelings one experiences during a heartbreak can be somewhat similar to the feelings of loss and grief experienced when mourning the loss/death of a loved one. The inability to cope with the hurtful reality that a much trusted person let you down so badly can take you to deep dungeons of despair.

But how do you move past those feelings? The likelihood of experiencing heartbreak at least once in a lifetime is significantly high for every individual; some people are unlucky enough to experience it more than once. Some people sink into so much despair they become depressed and suicidal. Are you equipped to deal with heartbreak? Here are some tips you can use to cope

Get Out Of The House!

Get some fresh air, be around people, and do anything but be alone at home. Solitude is the last thing you need when experiencing heartbreak. Sadness and loneliness feed on each other and eventually birth depression. Go see sights you’ve always wanted to see, drop in on your friends and family unannounced, visit that friend that you never had time to go see before, take a hike… just get out of the house.

Cry Cry Cry

Never underestimate the power of a good crying jag. Even if you’re a guy, crying can get rid of the overwhelming load of sadness and bring surprising relief to you. Crying helps you release the pent up tension and emotions within you and drains you of a measure of the negative emotions boiling within.

Talk to Somebody

Never make the mistake of keeping deep hurts to yourself. When experiencing heartbreak, talking to a trusted person (usually an impartial relationship or marriage counselor is best) can help you process your feelings and put them into concise compartments. Sometimes, you are often confused about what you’re feeling until you start to talk about it. For example you may eventually find that you’re not so much hurt by his cheating as you are by the fact that he’s been lying to you for years – this may help you focus on where you hurt most and start the healing process from there

Confront Your Hurt

Talk to the person who has hurt you and tell them why and how they have hurt you. They may or may not care to make amends but telling them can start your healing process as you’ve moved the ball from your court to theirs. You must however wait until you’re more than halfway through your healing process to have this confrontation. You may spiral deeper into hurt if the person replies in an unconcerned or nonchalant manner to your confrontation


Never underestimate the power of prayer. It heals comforts and renews even the most battered heart. Pour out your feelings in prayer and ask for help to cope with and surmount whatever feelings may be battering your heart right now

Enjoy a Mild Flirtation

That’s if you feel able to of course. A mild flirtation will make you focus on the happy side of your emotions for a while. Be careful not to rush into a new relationship after heartbreak however, the rebound relationship is mostly doomed for failure. Take your time to heal and grow before starting another relationship.

You can read The Blessing in Breakups if that relationship is behind you. If the person who hurt you is your spouse, you may want to read ‘Helping Your Cheating Spouse Overcome Infidelity

Have you ever experienced heartbreak? How did you cope?

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