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Inspiration Monday

Inspiration Monday: Victoria Kimani

By August 26, 2016 No Comments

Victoria Kimani is a well known name in the music industry. Born in Los Angeles, California to clergy parents and she is the youngest of her two older brothers. She grew up partly in Benin City, Nigeria while her parents were there doing missionary work. She began singing at the age of 9 and has grown to be one of the biggest female music stars uin Africa.

Victoria Kimani

Hello Victoria! Thank you for chatting with us today

Anytime 🙂

When did you make the decision to join the Music Industry?

When I knew that Music was my calling, so probably around 16

Have you always had a flair for music?

Yes! I grew up in a very musical home, My Father is a Pro Guitar player and a singer, so Naturally…….

How easy or hard was it to break into the limelight?

The hard part was not “breaking into the limelight”… the difficult part is finding yourself and creating a Brand that people will respond to, once you step into the stoplight….

Did you face any challenges?

Yes, finding yourself is hard when you are in a society that does not allow you to be unique….which is the core of being an artist, so you may face challenges to “fit in”…. or to change the things that make you different….which is very backwards….

How did you get past those challenges?

Take what is constructive and use it, and dispose of the rest,PRAY for direction and strength to stick to your calling and not peoples expectations of you….

When was your first big break?

I think I’ve had several, I cant decide which one was the break of all breaks….lol, because even after a break there are new struggles, so I guess my First one was when I was 16, and started singing back up for Mercy Myra who is a Legend in Kenyan music culture, having to opportunity to travel with her and perform around Africa at that age was amazing…..

Victoria Kimani

Tell us about a personal experience that inspired you to work even harder

When I was about 18, a boy I liked told me that I couldn’t be a singer because there was already Mya and Brittany Spears , and that I could never compete…. and ummmm….where are either of those 2 now? (Besides Brittany of course…hehe)….

Another story was when I was still 18, a guy who introduced me to a Major Hollywood producer, told me that I would never be in a Studio like that again, because I refused to give the guy what he wanted…..

Both experiences inspired me to work harder to show them that they are both stupid for allowing those words to come out of their mouth…lol and Naturally I’m a rebellious person, so I took it very personally at that time.

Was relocating to Nigeria a difficult decision?

I actually live in Kenya, although, on this Continent, Nigeria is my 2nd home. It was difficult to relocate, I had to adapt to many things that I wasn’t used to.

What’s your advice to upcoming female artists?

Don’t depend on people or wait for anyone to do anything for you, work twice as hard as then men, and take your brand as seriously as you take your music.

What’s your advice to ladies in general?

Keep to yourself, don’t allow anyone to take advantage of you, or to take your kindness for weakness, But at the same time, show your personality, and don’t be so shy that you are afraid to light up a room.

How do you connect with your fans?

Social media!!! All day everyday 🙂 Or when I’m performing on stage.

What social media handles can your fans connect with you on?  

Instagram: @VictoriaKimani

Twitter: @Victoria_Kimani

Snapchat: @VictoriaKimani

Facebook: VictoriaKimani2

Youtube: /VictoriaKimani

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