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Reviews – Debras Grace

By October 11, 2016 4 Comments

Finding affordable places to buy women’s clothing in Lagos has been my mission since shopping on Asos, Dorothy Perkins, Next, TopShop and all my favorite affordable UK and American shops became limited due to the current exchange rate. Imagine my delight when I discovered Debras Grace!

Debras Grace is a shop selling women clothing and accessories in Yaba, Lagos State. Let me tell you why I like them

What I like about Debras Grace

Clothing Style and Brands: Debras Grace has a nice range of known clothing brands from the US and UK. Even the brands that are not so well known are of good quality.

Pricing: The prices are fair for the quality of clothing they stock and won’t break the bank! Even with the exchange rate brouhaha, the price change has not been drastic.

Shop Layout: Unlike some over packed shops with haphazard arrangement, the shop layout at Debras Grace makes shopping easy and convenient. Clothing are arranged according to size and style taking stress out of the shopping process. They also have very attentive shop assistants to attend to you and boast adequate changing rooms and mirrors.

Social Media Use: I first found out about Debras Grace via the ‘explore’ page of Instagram. They have reached more people by sharing their shop in Yaba to thousands of people on the internet. Recently, they have released teasers of a website soon to be launched. As a Marketing Communications person, I have to applaud that.

My dress from Debra's Grace

My Sister In-law bought this from Debras Grace for my birthday gift

What I don’t like about Debras Grace

Popularity can be a good thing and also a bad thing. For clothing pieces they stock in large quantity,  the “everybody has it” problem sets in. You’ll suddenly realize that about 10 of your friends have that exact same dress and they all got it from Debras Grace!

I once wore a very nice outfit i got from there and this girl walked up to me, tapped me on the shoulder with a knowing wink and said “you got this dress from Debras Grace right?”. lol…

If they can stock more of different styles with limited pieces and help reduce the number of Lagosians who own the same thing it would be fine. But in the end it’s all about their profit so this might not be a priority.

Have you ever shopped there? Did you like your purchase? Share your experience below

Outfit from Debra's Grace

I got this beautiful dress at Debras Grace last Sale. Money well spent!


If you prefer RTW’s see my article on my latest find here . Don’t forget to drop a comment about your favorite place to shop in your locality below.


  • Lucy says:

    All you said is very true!They have very beautiful clothes at reasonable prices.However my first online shopping experience with them wasn’t so pleasant.The Lady who took my order via the phone was terribly distracted while speaking to me. She ended up mixing up my orders…I tried calling to see how a return could be possible but for some reason I wasn’t able to reach them.After a while I just gave up trying.Maybe I will have a better experience when I go the the shop in Yaba.🤔

    • Okenzo says:

      Really? I have never shopped with them via telephone. Maybe i should try that channel and see how it works. So did you end up wearing the wrong order? And have you shopped with them again since then?

  • DaVona Couture says:

    I’ve been to the shop at yaba once but didn’t buy because of the number of pieces available on what I liked do I knew It would be everywhere. Like you stated they have a nice shelve arrangement and at a glance you can see what’s on display.

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