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Selecting the Right Foundation for Your Skin

By September 8, 2016 No Comments

Have you ever found your top stained due to dripping foundation on a really hot day? Have you looked at your old pictures and discovered your face was a completely different colour from your neck? Does your ‘bae’ avoid hugging you whenever he’s wearing light coloured clothes? If you answered yes to any of the questions above then you need this beauty tip!

The plague of the wrong foundation type and shade has plagued women since foundation was invented! The wrong foundation shade can mess up your look quite soundly.

Some women think that by using a lighter shade of foundation, they can achieve the light skinned look that they desire. Some women feel that the most expensive makeup brands are the best brands.

Let me share a few of my discoveries with you.

Mistake 1: All Women Can Use All Types of Foundation

First of all, the cost of makeup has nothing to do with its suitability for you. There are two makeup brands that women use a lot in Nigeria, a lot of us actually started out using them (I will not mention their names here). These brands were not made for the Nigerian woman. The weather and skin composition were not taken into consideration and so when you step out on a hot day, your foundation literally melts on your face

Tip 1: Take your time and sample different makeup brands. Go for those made for Africans because our weather is different, the toughness of our skin is different and we sweat way more often than our white sisters do.

Mistake 2: Letting Unprofessional People Determine Your Foundation Colour

My first foundation colour was picked by a fellow student who was moonlighting in the sale of makeup. She looked at my face, placed several bottles of foundation close to my skin and declared one of them my colour. I walked around school looking like my face was sun burnt for a WHOLE SEMESTER  because I refused to just throw away makeup bought with my hard earned money lol… beauty is serious business!

Tip 2: Go to a real beauty studio and let professionals pick out the right foundation colour for your skin tone. Always affirm that the colour still suits you whenever you exhaust your old supply and want to buy new supplies. You’ll be surprised to know you’ve become lighter or darker depending on your environment in the preceding months.

That’s all from me. Do you have any beauty tips that have worked for you? Please share them below so others can learn.

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