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How to Tell If You’re Crushing on a Guy

By October 2, 2016 No Comments

It should be easy to know when you like someone, right? Wrong! Sometimes, those feelings creep right under our skin and into our heart days before we even realize it. You could be crushing on a guy at work, at the gym, at the local supermarket, on your street and even in your church without realizing it for weeks.

Because you’re likely to be partial, we’ve make a checklist below for you. If you answer yes to more than five (5) of the sighs listed below, you’re officially having a major crush on the guy in question. Either act on it (if you’re single) or take a step back and face your relationship

  1. You dress up each morning with him in mind. You want to look good just ‘in case’ you run into him
  2. You frequent the same spot (maybe the same restaurant for lunch) because you know he does too and you might end up stopping to chat.
  3. You have imaginary conversations with him in your head when your alone and those conversations usually entail him declaring undying love to you and flying you to Paris for an impromptu wedding
  4. The male characters in your secret fantasies suddenly bear his name
  5. You’re consumed with equal share of jealousy and anger when you see him talking to a beautiful girl for more than 10 seconds
  6. You’re on cloud nine all day whenever he pays you a compliment – even if it’s as dumb as “you’re very photogenic”
  7. You find sneaky ways to get more information about him from searching on Google to asking seemingly casual questions about him from mutual friends
  8. You’ll readily, willingly and without second thought blow off a girls night out with your best friends for a chance to hang out with him even if its in the company of five other people
  9. Your constantly engulfed in unusual shyness whenever he looks your way (he probably catches your eye each time because you’ve been staring at him)
  10. You find weird things sexy about him e.g. his receding hairline, his loud belches, the obvious accent from his local language influencing his queens English… you get the gist right?



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