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Ten Important Rules of a First Date

By September 11, 2016 No Comments

Dating is a minefield of do’s and don’ts. Many potential couples have crashed and burned before they took off because of a disastrous first date.  First impressions are formed, personalities are assessed and 80% judgment is passed based on the outcome of a first.

In fact both parties know from that moment if there’s a chance of moving on or if they will have to employ some tactics from ‘Getting Rid of Unwanted Toasters’.  If you want to make a great first impression here are some rules of the first date you should know

  • Dress neatly, smartly and conservatively. Never dress trashy or sloppily because that’s how your date will forever see you. Even if it’s a casual date at the local pizza joint, look fabulous in well ironed jeans and let your shoe game be on point
  • Don’t be boring. This is your chance to catch your date’s interest and make him or her want to spend more time with you, don’t blow it. Speak up and keep the conversation flowing
  • Check your mood and attitude. Sometimes we don’t know when we’re being rude or acting haughty. Make sure you’re looking and sounding polite and happy. Show respect
  • Don’t ask deep personal questions. This is the first date so no questions about when he plans to settle down or get married. Keep the Q & A light and focus on getting to know the person, not their life goals
  • Put down your phone! Noting is as rude as checking your phone when on a date. Give your attention to the person sitting across from you.
  • Be real, people can detect fakeness. Don’t put on airs or act like what you’re not because people can mostly tell plus if there’s going to be a next date, he should know your person not your alter ego. So if you’re the funny type, don’t tone it down… just be yourself.
  • Let him lead. Don’t try to be Miss Independent too early on. If he wants to pay let him pay, if he wants to sit by the window, concede. Don’t try to be the man on a date, nothing turns men off faster
  • Do not give away too much. Mystery is sexy and you want to remain intriguing and mysterious enough so he’ll want to know more. Now we don’t mean you shouldn’t talk about yourself, just keep the more gory details to yourself. He doesn’t need to know that your ex left you for your best friend or that you’ve dated ten guys in this year alone.
  • Have an opinion. Don’t agree with everything he says or repeat other people’s opinion on issues being discussed. Have an opinion and voice it. This shows you have a mind of your own and a good grasp of current issues. Men love smart women so show him you have a brain and it works
  • Let him set the next date. You don’t want to be a stalker here so let him ask you out again; and if he doesn’t, well at least you’ll know either your chemistry just didn’t click with his or something went wrong on that date

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